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New York Driving Tours

Hi, my name is Ronald.  I conduct New York driving tours.   I also take guests visiting the city on day trips to other regional places of interest.  In one day from New York, you can visit the Hamptons, Amish Country, Philadelphia, Boston, Newport and more (but not all on the same day!).  I also create custom tours, both inside and beyond the city, based on guests' unique interests and requests.

A walking tour is a great way to learn about and experience New York!  In most cases, walking tours are focused on a particular neighborhood or specific sight.  They are a great way to gain in-depth knowledge and information about that location or sight. 

There are, however, individuals for whom a walking tour is not the best option and my New York driving tours are better.  Some are individuals with time constraints.  Others are ones who want a general overview of the city, but not a "deep dive" on every single sight and location.  They want to see a little bit of everything, but only detailed information on those sights or areas of particular interest to them.  They don't want to waste too much time or money on that in which they are not interested.  Then, there are guests who do not want to compete with a crowd of others for their guide's time and attention.  For these, private New York tours, like my driving tours, are definately the best choice.

Take one of my New York driving tours.

Don't waste your

layover at the airport!

Man sleeping on airport seats

There are also guests for whom driving tours are the better option, due to age, infirmity or some other reason.  Perhaps, there are young children on the tour; someone with a mobility impairment or other physical condition.  For these, one of my New York driving tours is often the better option.   For others, it is a simply a matter of comfort - being warm in the winter; cool in the summer or dry in the rain of any season.  Others just want to sit back; relax in my vehicle's  captain chairs, look around from an elevated position above the traffic, including through front to rear moon roofs, all the while putting a buffer between them and the crowded busy city side walks of New York.


Whatever your situation or circumstance, I invite you to consider my various New York driving tours on the next page, as well as my day trips from New York on the following page.  If you do not see what you are looking for contact me.  Let's see what we can put together just for you.  Further, please feel free to let me know of any questions and/or if I can provide you with more information.  

The Safer Way to Tour

My New York driving tours are the safer way to see the city.  There is no need to put yourself, family or friends at risk on a crowded bus or group tour, with people from around the globe.  There is no need to unnecessary exposure yourself to the germs, bacteria and viruses of crowded city sidewalks, subways or buses.  My New York driving tours include just me, you and only those who come to New York with you.  We will tour together socially distanced in a regularly deep cleaned and sanitized mini-van - the safer way to tour New York!

To view my individual tour offerings, click below.

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Deidre wrote:  "This was the highlight of my visit to New York!! Myself and my friends were blown away by the VIP

treatment we received on this tour. Ronald is an exceptional guide who guided us throughout New York instyle in his brand new vehicle. His knowledge and patience made us feel very grateful we found him.  It saved me time and money to visit numerous sites and delights throughout the day. I will be bringing my family to tour with him again for sure. Thank you soOOooooo much for the memories I made with you today, you made it very special for all of my friends, we can’t stop talking our tour with you! Best wishes, Deirdre"

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