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Private New York Tours

With my private New York tours (check out the list at the bottom of this page) you do not have to come to me, I will come to you.  On the day of your tour, I will meet you at the New York City location of your choice.  At the end of the tour, I will return you to the same or any other New York City location.  It maybe a restaurant, theater, store, airport, train station, wherever.  Your tour with me will begin at whatever time is best for you.  Maybe, you like to sleep late. Maybe, you like getting up early.  Perhaps, your body is accustomed to another time zone.  This is your time away to relax and enjoy.  I schedule the start of all my New York sightseeing tours at whatever time and place is best for my guests.

My private New York tours include just you, me and up to five others who visit New York with you.  The only possible exception is if on the tour there will be luggage, a wheelchair, stroller/pram or scooter.  Please let me know in advance if you will have one or more of these and I will calculate the maximum guest capacity of the tour.

There are no lines on my private New York tours.  There is no standing in the rain or wasted time waiting for the next bus to come.  On my tours, guests do not have to compete with a crowd of others to see me, hear me, get my attention or ask questions.  There is no time wasted waiting for others to catch up, use the bathroom, get a snack, change babies or whatever.  You will not be huddled together with a group of strangers trailing a guide holding an orange umbrella high in the air on a bright sunny day.  

Tour group selfie with Hoda

The day we ran into Hoda in Central Park.  She took the selfie!

The first thing we do when we meet for one of my private New York tours is to discuss and agree on a final itinerary for the day.  I won't waste your time seeing sights in which you have no interest.  We will also discuss the best time and place for lunch, breaks, etc.  When finalized, we will head out on an excursion planned around your interests, wants, needs and desires.  It will not be one of those tours with a canned, "one size fits all" itinerary, strict schedule and time limits.   

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  Private New York Tours

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  I charge by the tour.  I DO NOT charge on a per person basis.  All of my tours are private, including just you and those who come to New York with you.  The prices below are for your party of up to 6 (5 with luggage).  For example: the price for a party of 3 is the same as for a party of 6, because I charge by the tour, I DO NOT charge on a per person basis. 

Private New York Tours

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Private New York Tours.

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